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Flavours – Liquid or Powder

What makes us perceive food taste as it is? Do you know which sense makes us perceive flavour as the way it is when we eat our food?

Our nose play the most role for us to perceive the food as how we perceive them. As of now research show that the tongue can only recognize 5 basic taste “profile”: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and umami. Many of the eating experience and flavour that we taste come from our sense of smell.

We, Alamraya, focuses our strength in providing the best flavours for our customer nationally or internationally through our comprehensive knowledge and ability to create or mimic flavours from food sources. Flavours determine the smell of the products that was sold which in turn allow end-customers to enjoy the full bodied flavour of our partners product. We invest our resources and time to find the perfect well balanced flavour according to the targeted market, segment, age group or applications. We work hard for our clients to provide them solutions for their flavouring need in order to rise above the competition not only among national brands but also international brands.

Main Applications:

Ready to drink, Powder drink, Soda drink, Fruit juices, Vegetable juices, Yogurt drink, Coffee drink, Tea drink, Bakery, Cake, Confectionary, Ice cream, Jams, etc.

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