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Compounded Seasoning

Our society now is getting more and more sophisticated throughout the years and they are also growing more sensitive to the changes in taste. With the globalization of today’s food industry, albeit from restaurant to snack, society’s taste palettes are becoming more global too. Food from remote places in the world can be eaten and enjoyed by people in the big cities because of globalization. Therefore our taste palettes are ever growing as we are getting more and more exposed to global taste profiles.

At the core of every food there are many elements that build it into a wholesome eating experience, such as texture, smell, flavours and appearance. We at PT. Alamraya Essindo focus on re-creating the seasoning and smell factor that mimics not only local dishes but also international cuisine in order to emulate the eating experience when consuming our product.

Main Applications:

Chips (potato, cassava), Extruded Snack, Nuts, Instant Noodles, Seasoning Sauces, Frozen Foods, Processed Meat.

List of Flavouring


Flavouring Possibility


Food Recipe

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