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Our company started its journey when the founder first established the company in 1994 after receiving extensive experience from other company in the same field. It started out as a small enterprise that traded raw ingredients from one company to another until we set up a focus on flavours and compounded seasoning with technical support from international partners.

As a flavour and seasoning company we strive to not only provide our customer with excellent products but also to maintain a strong standard adhering not only to Indonesian local standards but also to International standards and practices. Over the course of our operating history we have rack up massive library of flavours and seasoning, also we have gain the confidence of all of our customers by continuously providing a great service and product for them. 
Found in 1994
Specialize itself in the Flavours and Seasoning industry

Our core focus revolves around the production and development of flavours and seasoning. With the support of experienced staffs and a well equipped R&D as well as technological support from partners worldwide we can create and emulate all kinds of flavours according to the request from our customer or making a trending flavour or, better yet, create a new innovative trend in the Flavour market. 

With a passion for quality and innovation we strive to provide only the best products and services for our client. By focussing our attention on R&D and our relationship with each clients, we are able to understand the current trend and requirement for each and every one of our clients. 

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